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Can I send attachments or rich-text/HTML based emails?
No. Audifans site-wide policy prohibits attachments, MIME, RTF, and HTML emails. Your emails must only contain plain text; any extras will be stripped automatically anyway, however annoying messages asking people to use MIME compliant email programs are not stripped, because they are technically text and valid message content to our attachment-removal program. Some of these messages can be several lines long and are just as annoying. Please be sure to configure your email program to only send plain text, and nothing more. Here are some links to information about turning off MIME content in messages:
  • Macintosh users, this page contains information on how to disable mime in just about every Macintosh mail program there is. The Eudora instructions apply to both Windows and MacOS users.
  • Outlook users can consult a Microsoft support DB page on Setting Send Options for Individual Messages. This appears to apply to each individual message, but the article hints at setting global options.

If you come across good instructions for any particular email client, please let us know via email and we'll add links to those pages. If you'd like to write directions for your particular client, you may submit that as well.

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