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I'm subscribed, but my message was held/rejected!
If you get the following message back when you try to post to a mailing list:
"Post by non-member to a members-only list"

...This means that the mailing list software did not recognize the email address you used to send the message. This could be for several reasons; the second is the most common.

  • You are not subscribed to the list. Some lists hold(note the use of the word "hold", not "reject"!) mail that has not been sent from a recognized email address; the list administrator will be notified a message has been held and it is up to them to approve/reject the message. Please note it may take anywhere from minutes to hours for said approval or rejection.
  • You are trying to post from a different email address than the one you originally subscribed as. Ie, you subscribed using a home email address, but tried to post from your work email address. Have no fear- simply sign up your second address as well, and immediately turn on the "nomail" preference option; that account will not receive email, but it will be allowed to post. Please do this if you plan on sending a lot of email from a particular account.
  • Your email client is misconfigured and giving the wrong "From:" header. This is fairly rare. Check to make sure that when you send email, the message's "From:" header matches your email address exactly(ie, bob@somewhere.com should probably not be sending emails with headers that look like "From: bob@mail.somewhere.com")

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