[200q20v] Idle switch

Wayne Price wprice at mtl.mit.edu
Wed Aug 2 11:27:08 EDT 2000

I was following this thread for a while because I have a similar problem. My
problem is car starts fine when it is cold(hasn't been started for a while),
but if I try to start it after running for a while it starts very hard!!!  I
am also not reaching full boost any more(1.4 on display). I just checked my
error code and it came out 2112. Has anyone dealt with this error before????


Brian.Link at Level3.com wrote:

> 200q20v gang,
> I pulled codes and ran the output tests on the 2C, I have one error code,
> 2121  Which is a bad Idle switch.  I read on Chris's page to learn the
> function of the switch.  I have a few questions,  Is the switch separate
> from the throttle valve potentiometer?  If not where is this located?  And
> has anyone else replaced it before that could tell me how much $ and P/N?
> Thanks
> Brian Link
> Boulder, CO.
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