[200q20v] climate control errors 08 and 15

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Fri Aug 4 12:14:00 EDT 2000


I am getting errors 08 and 15 on the climate control head under extreme 
conditions (95-100+ degF) on a 91 200q20v. Bentley refers to these as 
shorts/opens in the wiring to the temperature regulating flap with voltage 
feedback potentiometer. But the errors only occur when it's really hot 
outside, when it's a little cooler I may only get the 08, around 80 degF no 
errors at all. And how could it be both a short and an open?

Can I safely ignore these errors if I think the wiring is fine? Heater box 
was out in February for a heater core & blower replacement, wires didn't 
seem abnormal then, but these errors have only popped up in the 100+ degF 
heat of summer. The A/C is even cooling acceptably, if not quite the 50 
degF drop of my GTI.

Of course I'm not driving the Audi much because of the 50% greater cost to 
refll with petrol and the rather long story about the passenger front 
window (just favored 200q20v list with that one), but I'd like to know 
what's up with these friendly reminders from the CC just the same.

Henry Harper
Boise, ID - more fires than any other state!
1991 200 quattro, 110k, now in garage-queen status
1988 GTI 16v, 210k, buzzy road trip to Casper for bike race Labor Day

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