[200q20v] Re: Front bumper adjustment

Rob Winchell rbw at swiftcorp.com
Fri Aug 4 16:26:51 EDT 2000

There are 2 "slots" (plastic holders really) on the corner panels that the
ends of the bumper slide into. It's fairly easy to miss these slots either
high/low, or possibly the slot pieces were not attached to the corners
correctly? That would definitely make things look screwy.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q

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> >My 200Tq has been returned from the shop with a complete new
> >front suspension - what a difference. The deer damage worked
> >out well after all, including new Euro lights. However, the
> >front bumper is not right. It appears to be high in the
> >center and a little low at the corners. From Bentley it
> >appears that there is some adjustment in the mounting at the
> >frame. Anybody been at this one? Experience - advice????
> Have you tried taking the bumper off to look? It's very easy,
> two ~8mm
> allen head bolts from underneath, about where the inner edge of the
> headlights sit & twist out the turn signal bulbs. Pulls right off, no
> messing with the grille. I don't see how it could be
> misaligned like that
> unless the cover is improperly attached to the bumper bar or
> the sides
> aren't lined up into the guides right (it does help to have
> two people when
> putting it back on). Either way, pulling it off sounds like
> the way to
> inspect. What parts were replaced?
> Henry Harper
> http://www.srv.net/~hah
> 1991 200 quattro, 110k, bumper off and aux rad hose pull is
> good way to
> drain coolant
> 1988 GTI 16v, 210k, bumpers kind of a pain to get on & off
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