[200q20v] Re: gear shifting problems

Fred Munro munrof at isys.ca
Sun Aug 6 08:52:05 EDT 2000

Sounds like a shift linkage bushing(s) has failed, Brett. You could pull the
shift boot off and check the shift lever mount - you may also be able to get
an idea of what is going on by shifting through the gears and watching the
linkage action (while stationary, of course:o). If it is a failed linkage
bushing, it's not the kind of job you do on the side of the road with a
hammer and a large bent screwdriver :o)

Fred Munro
'94 S4  108k km

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> this just suddenly(past day or two) cropped up...it's getting really
> difficult to shift my car, and the shifter feels very different;
> seems to "float" a lot more when the stick is in neutral, whereas
> before, even in neutral, you could "feel" things moving around and
> the shifter had some resistance.
> 1st is so-so; 2nd gear I am -constantly- missing; it never full
> engages and grinds the gears.  3rd is now showing signs of the same;
> 4th/5th seem to be fine.
> Once the car is in gear, the  shifter seems fine and shows the usual
> "in gear" play.  But getting into the gear is a royal PITA.
> Reverse as always, never likes to engage.  5th once in a blue moon
> refuses to go.
> What do I look for?  I'm short on tools+time at the moment, and I
> need to be back in NY tomorrow.
> Brett
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