[200q20v] Re: gear shifting problems

Paul Matsuda pmatsuda at mac.com
Sun Aug 6 11:24:28 EDT 2000

i had a problem similar to this on the 2nd day that i had my car...there's a
link that attaches to the spine coming out of the transmission, the link
then  attaches to the shift linkage.
the bolt was loose and eventually the link fell off (fortunately i was able
to find it 100 yards from my driveway. before it went, the shifting was very
sloppy. then as it got looser, i couldn't get it into first gear.   crawled
under the car, reinstalled it and it hasn't been a problem since (knock on
[zebrano] wood). an indication that this is happening is that the throw to
get into first gear will get longer and pop out  the plastic trim holding
the shift boot in the console.
Paul Matsuda
Mill Valley,CA
'91 200tqw

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>> Sounds like a shift linkage bushing(s) has failed, Brett. You could pull the
>> shift boot off and check the shift lever mount - you may also be able to
> get
>> an idea of what is going on by shifting through the gears and watching the
>> linkage action (while stationary, of course:o). If it is a failed linkage
>> bushing, it's not the kind of job you do on the side of the road with a
>> hammer and a large bent screwdriver :o)
>> Fred Munro
>> '94 S4  108k km
> Good point.  I also did replace the rear bushing which holds the shift rod
> centered at the rear of the shift cage at the same time as the clutch
> replacement.  Mine was completely worn out.  Shifting becomes VERY imprecise
> whien this happens.  Only other real adjustments are in the shift rod
> linkages and not recommended (besides, they're above the tranny and you know
> how much room there is between the tranny and trans tunnel ;-).
> -Ingo
> '91 200 with a few mods...
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