[200q20v] Blown Lower Inter-cooler Hose

Jeff.Bernstein at pneumaticscale.com Jeff.Bernstein at pneumaticscale.com
Mon Aug 7 15:56:43 EDT 2000

I had the misfortune of blowing a one inch long split-hole in the top
portion of the lower inter-cooler hose that goes to the turbo.  The car had
no power and stumbled on acceleration along with some black smoke out the
back tail pipe.  Luckily I was within two miles of my house and was able to
limp it home.  I think keeping duct tape in our cars might be a good idea in
the future. 

I checked on this part today and it is a dealer only part unlike the upper
hose that commonly fails.  I was shocked to find that this part costs $200
dollars.  I am tempted to just insert a 3 inch diameter sleeve into the pipe
and clamp each side of it.  The rest of the rubber hose is in good shape so
I hate to put $200 dollars into this rubber hose.

Has anyone run into this before or have a better suggestion on repairing it?


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