[200q20v] non-classic door lock failure

Henry A Harper III hah at srv.net
Tue Aug 8 01:40:39 EDT 2000

Along with De-Ox-It-ing my temperature regulating flap with feedback 
potentiometer's connection and driver's door window switch for passenger front 
window, I tore apart the driver's door yet again with parts in hand to fix the 
dreaded pot-metal locking arm failure.

What I found instead was that the little plastic doodad 443 839 821 A, "clip", 
had broken leaving the lock rod free to flop around inside the door completely 
unattached to the lock cylinder. Since I had a new lock cylinder and operating 
arm anyway, I installed those (not going in there again!), even got the indexed 
tooth on the alarm gear without *too* much trouble.

Then I used a zip-tie to attach the lock rod to the remains of Mr. 443 839 821 
A and fiddled with the window frame to try to eliminate the annoying at-speed 
noise from the top front of the frame.

In this I was fairly successful, not that much wind noise at up to 153 
indicated on GPS (165 indicated on speedo). Um, I mean kilometers. Really. 
Co-pilot James of course said he thinks his car is faster but still wants to 
put his spare K26 on my car.

Couldn't make the passenger window fail to go up, but then it was only 
intermittent before; and no error on the climate control - it was only 73 degF 
by the time we were driving around, usually has to be hotter to see those 08 
and 15 errors.

Am I about ready to reinstall the driver's armrest?

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 110k, picked up a squeak somewhere that needs siliconin'
1988 GTI 16v, 210k, past due for the annual plugs-cap-rotor

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