[200q20v] valve cover gasket ...questions along the way

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Aug 10 19:44:46 EDT 2000

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>> (2) Is there a safe,  painless, non-abrasive aluminum cleaner that will
>>  brighten up the valve cover? I've sprayed the outside of it pretty
>>  thoroughly with brake cleaner and scrubbed with a cloth. The excess oil and
>>  dirt are gone, but the cover still has a somewhat dingy look, which I
>>  suppose is probably unavoidable--given the oxidizing tendency of aluminum
>>  and the roughness of that casting.
>Hmmm...isn't the valve cover actually painted and not exposed aluminum?  If
>so, your options would be to clean it up as best you can (I've found Esprit
>wheel cleaner and a wheel brush or equivalent work very well).  Or you could
>have it sandblasted and polished (if you really wanted to go that route), and
>then you'd probably want to dress up this and that and before you know it,
>you'll want to drive around without the hood ;-).

I believe our valve covers are just plain ol' naked aluminum. At least it's
pretty naked nowadays. And I think they originally came unfinished
(possibly a thin layer of some clear finish, but I think not).

Sandblasting would certainly freshen it up, but that's not quite in my
category of "painless". I want to get it back together as soon as I locate
a new Allen-head bolt to replace the stubborn one

By the way, I guess I exaggerated about the timing belt looseness. When I
rechecked, it was nearer to 1/4" deflection--not 1/2". Peter S. says
"should be able to be twisted without too much force, when held between
your thumb and fore finger", so I think it's not far from that.

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