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>I remember that somebody had put the rear window sun shade from a V8 in
>a '91 200. My son will be rear-facing for a few more months, so I want
>to do this also. Does somone have part numbers, prices or any other
>helpful info?
>  Thanks!
>          David

Below is a copy of Steve Scalmanini's 's post from last year (no p/ns, but
probably available in the Family Album.)

Phil R.

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I thought this was more commonly known.  Lemme give you some detail.

I put a rear window shade into my 91 200Q a year or so ago.  It came from a V8
sedan with the same color interior ("platinum" grey)  for a few hundred
dollars.  The salvager sent with it the two C-pillar trim panels with the
rod holders still attached; you'll need the holders.  The three white plastic
fasteners that hold the shelf panel in place on the underside were still
attached (one broken, so I had to reuse one from my old panel.)  The only
missing were the two tapered hollow cylindrical styrofoam spacers that glue
onto the underside and hold the panel above the two Bose speakers so nothing
rattles; I was able to reuse my old ones after careful removal and
with spray adhesive.

The shade rolls down (just like a window shade for a home rolls up, but
any stops built in) into a pressedboard pocket (~ 2" square x 1 meter long?)
attached to the underside of the shelf panel (formed pressedboard.)  The shade
pocket and shelf panel are all one integral assembly.  That space where the
pocket goes is vacant on your 200 right now (look up thru the holes in the
shelf from inside the trunk to confirm.)  Your current panel (and the V8's)
held up off the metal shelf by those two cylindrical spacers around the
and some long ~2" square foamed plastic strips glued to the underside.

As best I recall, here's how to do it.

First, remove the rear seat (easy), then the seat back (not so easy.)  Use a
thick putty knife or such to slide out the 4 wire clips that hold the rear
headrests into the black plastic "headrest guides" (Bendley p. 91.24) in the
top of the seat back; you'll see two slots in the edge of the head of each of
the guides where the wire clips slide in and out.  Then pull the headrests up
and out.  Next pull out the 4 guides by inserting a round bar (~9" #3 Phillips
screwdriver worked for me) to the bottom of each sleeve (~ 4") and pry the
bottom slightly forward (or rearward; I forget which) while pulling the head
up, and each'll pop loose.  Bend the two sheet metal bars that fasten the
part of the seat back (not-so-great a design) and pull the bottom of the seat
back clear of those bars.  Now the seat back will move up and out.

Remove the plastic "rear seat belt covers" (Bentley p. 68.39) on the edge of
the shelf panel to free it from the belts.

Next carefully pull the wires off the rear window (well, ' guess you can skip
this part; sorry.)  I use one set of long nose pliers to hold the male
onto the glass while pulling the female connector off with another, or my

Next pull the C-pillar trim panels straight out from the pillars.  There
are 4-6
barbed plastic press-in fasteners on the back of each.  No need for extreme
caution here as the panels are sturdy; mine survived several removals and
reattachments (unlike front door trim panels, but that's another story for
another day.)  Just don't pull too far or you'll tug hard on the wires that
through the panels (ground wire for the defroster on the right; hot defroster
wire and rear antenna amplifier on the left.)  You'll have to detach a few
and rubber grommets to get the panels completely free.

Now the shelf panel can be released and removed.  Release it from the trunk.
There are three white nylon clips, visible from the trunk, that guide it into
place and hold it down.  Push the center one up and forward slightly to
keep the
panel released. Then from inside the car, pull the entire panel forward and

(If any of your Bose speaker/amp assemblies need replacement, now's the
time to
do it.  I had to do both of mine last year.  Exchange rates thru AoA are

Now the new shelf panel with the shade will fit right in.

Next, attach the 2 shade rod holders to your old C-pillar trim panels.  Reuse
your 200 trim panels because one of the V8's had an additional hole for
something.  The holders attach with one small screw from the back side of the
trim panels.  Use the panels you received from the V8 as guides for where to
drill the hole for each screw.  If you didn't get the V8 panels from the
recycler, let me know and I'll measure mine, or you can eyeball it (If you
didn't get the holders from the recycler, you're in deep doodoo 'cause they're
not available from dealers any more.)  Just don't put 'em too high or the rod
won't fit over the upper edge without running into the ceiling liner trim
the rear window; and keep 'em even so the shade won't sag on one side and
sit on
the headrest below it.  Trial and error works good if you install one
holder on
one trim panel, install both panels, pull the rod up onto the one holder, then
position the other holder on the opposite trim panel so the shade is taut,
its position, and attach the second holder where marked.

Be careful each time you reattach the C-pillar trim.  Position them so they're
free of the electrical connectors on the rear window before you hit them home
with your fist of heel of your hand.  Otherwise you'll bend the connector
the rear edge of the panel and have to redo it (and risk breaking the
off your new window; perish the thought.)  Also, before your last installation
of the panels, you'll have to thread the wires on each side through the holes
and grommets and reattach them onto the connectors on the glass.

Now you can reinstall the seat belt covers, seat back and seat.  And finally,
when you're around you Qfriends next and someone comments "I didn't know 200s
were available with the sun shade", say "they weren't" and look smug.
Congratulations!  You're ready to roll with a cooler interior, and in 5-10
the stitching in your upholstery won't look like an open zipper.

Let me know if you think I've missed anything.  I've been accessing a year
mamory cells and ... well ... uh.  If you want to look before you leap, find a
V8 for sale that has a shade and check it out.  That's how I first saw the

Good luck,


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