[200q20v] Suspension Upgrades and Wheels, among others…

Joseph Vanzeipel vanzeipel at sunvalley.net
Fri Aug 11 16:45:58 EDT 2000

Well, I am not going to do this now, or within this year, unless i run
into some extra cash, but I would like to start researching.

1) I would like to stiffen the suspension on the 200q20v.  Trying to
eliminate as much body roll as I can.  I would like to keep somewhat
driveable though.  Any recommendations?  How much $$ is it going to set
me back?  Would I be able to do it in my drivway?

2) Big reds.  I checked out that place in FL (Movit?) that sells Porsche
993 brakes and rotors with brakets.  Would these work in a 200q20v?  To
make it work, do you have to swap in some s4/s6 suspension components? 
Any aftermarket peices that would work with #1 and this?

3) I would like to put in some Avus wheels.  16" would be ideal, but I'm
not sure there will enough room for the big reds.  Would 17" Avus wheels
from a new S4 (or s-anything) bolt on directly?  I like the new style
avus as opposed to the earlier avus wheels, but they seem to be more
expensive, and only come in 17" and 18".

These are sorta intermixed, the bigger wheels are needed to accomidate
the big reds, and if any suspension peices need to be "upgraded" to
accomidate the bigger rotors/calipers, then I would do those with the
wheels and brakes.  It's looking like 3-jobs in one shot.  How much is
all this going to cost?

Joseph Vanzeipel
1991 200q20v sedan (102k mi)

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