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> Well, I am not going to do this now, or within this year, unless i run
>  into some extra cash, but I would like to start researching.
>  1) I would like to stiffen the suspension on the 200q20v.  Trying to
>  eliminate as much body roll as I can.  I would like to keep somewhat
>  driveable though.  Any recommendations?  How much $$ is it going to set
>  me back?  Would I be able to do it in my drivway?
I've restricted my reply to the 200q20v list...
A good compromise overall is bilsteins and H&R springs.  Need to pull the 
front struts to change springs; probably due to change the upper bearing 
anyways.  It is possible to add a larger antiroll bar up front (from a later 
V8q), but no btdt, and I'm not sure it's needed. 

Greg Amy has a web site somewhere with info on the bilsteins/H&Rs.  Shox.com 
for Bilsteins, and ? Tirerack for H&Rs.

>  2) Big reds.  I checked out that place in FL (Movit?) that sells Porsche
>  993 brakes and rotors with brakets.  Would these work in a 200q20v?  To
>  make it work, do you have to swap in some s4/s6 suspension components? 
>  Any aftermarket peices that would work with #1 and this?
Are you currently using the UFOs?  They seem to work very well on the street, 
but are expensive to replace rotors...
BIRA.org is (slowly) working on a bolt-on kit for UFOs.  Other bolt on kits 
are through 2Bennett in CA, and Mov-it, I believe.  Other kits require 
changing struts with an S4 or later V8q.

>  3) I would like to put in some Avus wheels.  16" would be ideal, but I'm
>  not sure there will enough room for the big reds.  Would 17" Avus wheels
>  from a new S4 (or s-anything) bolt on directly?  I like the new style
>  avus as opposed to the earlier avus wheels, but they seem to be more
>  expensive, and only come in 17" and 18".
Stick with wheels you know will clear the (eventual) bigger brakes you plan 
on using.  The late urS6 came with a factory 16" avus wheel; there are other 
Avus 17" wheels available in Europe, or the new S4 Avus in 17x7.5

>  These are sorta intermixed, the bigger wheels are needed to accomidate
>  the big reds, and if any suspension peices need to be "upgraded" to
>  accomidate the bigger rotors/calipers, then I would do those with the
>  wheels and brakes.  It's looking like 3-jobs in one shot.  How much is
>  all this going to cost?
>  TIA,
>  Joseph Vanzeipel
>  1991 200q20v sedan (102k mi)


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