[200q20v] bypass valve to intake manifold line

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Aug 11 22:57:51 EDT 2000

At 6:27 PM -0400 8/11/00, Chris Covington wrote:
>What size is this line (length and diameter) and what kind of replacement
>line have people used?  How did you keep it attached to the valve and the
>I'm going to replace mine this weekend, along with rear brakes, air filter
>and some hoses (well my old roommate is helping too).
>thanks for the info, as always,
>'91 2cq
The fabric-covered vac hose should be available for about $2/ft (p/n 020
353 017---3.5 mm) if bought at non-dealer supply. I think the Audi dealers
get about $7/ft.

I believe you need a minimum of 3 ft to replace the old one exactly. But I
used ordinary 5/32 vac-line hose, and with about 6 ft.  I could  route the
hose over to the passenger-side fender and run it behind the fuel filter
and airbox. That path avoids the exhaust manifold heat that cooked your old
hose. An ordinary (very small) hose-clamp will keep it fixed to the nipple
from the intake manifold. But it's a problem figuring out how to clamp the
new hose to the bypass valve inlet (its pretty inaccessible). For a
make-shift "clamp", I used some 12 ga copper wire (an offcut from house
wiring). I stripped a couple of inches of the wire and then (with the hose
off the valve) I wrapped a couple of turns of the wire very snuggly (not
too tight) around the vac hose--about 1/4" from the end. Then I lubricated
the hose end (spit works well) and slid it over the valve inlet. It's
pretty darned snug and has been secure for about 20K miles.

Phil R.

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