[200q20v] Best place to get a Turbo Bypass Valve?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Aug 13 13:20:32 EDT 2000

>Anyone know the best place to pick one of these up?  And how much will
>it set me back?  I think the mine is going out, I already replaced the
>hose, saw less stalling, but it still does it every once in a while.
>Joseph Vanzeipel
>1991 200q sedan, 20v turbo

Best? Who knows? I believe these valves are *not* a dealer-only item (or at
least not just Audi dealers). But calling Linda or Didi at Carlsen Audi
will get you one for around $50-60, as I recall. There is info on SJM's
website about various incarnations (versions) of the valve. Also check
Chris Miller's webpages for info.

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