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Subject: fuel pump
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I'm writing both the V8 and 200q20v lists since the fuel
pump is the same.  In fact, I used my 200q20v Bentley
to guide me along the way.  As it turned out, everything
was the same.  

I now have the fuel pump in it's plastic cage sitting on my
table.  How do I remove the pump from the cage?  I've
inspected it thoroughly and have gently pried and twisted
things, but nothing seems ready to release.  I don't want
to break anything.

Also, the screen that many have referred to that they and
Audi recommend be cut out seems to be a whole cup
made up of several pieces of mesh.  There is very little
crud and it is right at the bottom center of the screens.
Are you guys cutting the whole cup off or just cutting
the screens out of the cups or what?  Or do I have some-
thing different?  This one appears to be very clean.

Anyway, the inside of my tank and everything in it are 
spotless.  The new pump should arrive on Tuesday.
I'm really glad I ran the tank nearly empty before getting
into this.

Thanks in advance,
Woodland Park, CO

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