[200q20v] Tranny whine

McCoy, Charlie CMcCoy at visa.com
Mon Aug 14 07:21:52 EDT 2000

My 91 200 has developed a tranny whine (sometimes grating metal noise) when
de-accelerating in first of second gear.  Acceleration in first or second
also generates this noise, but not nearly as bad.  Pushing the clutch in
immediately stops the noise.  Rocking the car from side to side while
driving doesn't change the noise (i.e. not wheel bearings).  After putting
the car and the lift and dragging the brakes while accelerating, I became
pretty convinced the noise is from the tranny.  Is this a pinion gear prob?
If so, is this fixable, or do I hunt down a junk tranny?  And will an ur
S4/S6 tranny work?  Or waht about a 5000 tranny? The ECU is IA 3+ with a RS2
turbo and EM, so the tranny probably had a little stress put on it.:)

Thanks you responses,


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