[200q20v] Tranny whine

Rob Winchell rbw at swiftcorp.com
Mon Aug 14 10:59:24 EDT 2000

I don't want to scare you, but this is the symptom my car was exhibiting
right before I had the tranny replaced.

There is an ad in Hemmings Motor News (saw it yesterday) that advertises a
place that has rebuilt trannys for Audis, and specifically mentions the
200q20v. I don't recall the name, but pick up Hemmings and look in the Audi
Cars and Audi Parts section.

Rob Winchell
91 200q20v (with Phil Rose's donor tranny)

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> Subject: [200q20v] Tranny whine
> My 91 200 has developed a tranny whine (sometimes grating
> metal noise) when
> de-accelerating in first of second gear.  Acceleration in
> first or second
> also generates this noise, but not nearly as bad.  Pushing
> the clutch in
> immediately stops the noise.  Rocking the car from side to side while
> driving doesn't change the noise (i.e. not wheel bearings).
> After putting
> the car and the lift and dragging the brakes while
> accelerating, I became
> pretty convinced the noise is from the tranny.  Is this a
> pinion gear prob?
> If so, is this fixable, or do I hunt down a junk tranny?  And
> will an ur
> S4/S6 tranny work?  Or waht about a 5000 tranny? The ECU is
> IA 3+ with a RS2
> turbo and EM, so the tranny probably had a little stress put on it.:)
> Thanks you responses,
> Charlie
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