[200q20v] Tranny whine

Mike O'Donnell mod2000 at home.com
Mon Aug 14 23:32:09 EDT 2000


I've got to agree with Rob, you have the same symptoms I had @ 128K.  I
purchased my avant knowing the trans was on the way out.  Don't wait too
long to replace it or you run the risk of damaging your input shaft which is
a $400 component (my mistake).  My trans was rebuilt at German Transaxel of
America in Bend, OR (541.382.7723) and they come highly recommended from
many Audi folks in the Pacific NW.  Expect your rebuild to run from
$1200-$2200 depending on how many components need to be replaced.  I
considered a used trans, but there is so much time and $$ just to remove the
old one that I wanted a rebuild to last the life of the car.  You should
definitely replace all clutch components and CV boots while your in there.
The guy I spoke with at GTA sez we generally have durable transmissions, but
are prone to damage when modified engines get launched from 1st gear.  Best
of luck!

Mike O.

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> I don't want to scare you, but this is the symptom my car was exhibiting
> right before I had the tranny replaced.
> There is an ad in Hemmings Motor News (saw it yesterday) that advertises a
> place that has rebuilt trannys for Audis, and specifically mentions the
> 200q20v. I don't recall the name, but pick up Hemmings and look in the
> Cars and Audi Parts section.
> Rob Winchell
> 91 200q20v (with Phil Rose's donor tranny)
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> > My 91 200 has developed a tranny whine (sometimes grating
> > metal noise) when
> > de-accelerating in first of second gear.  Acceleration in
> > first or second
> > also generates this noise, but not nearly as bad.  Pushing
> > the clutch in
> > immediately stops the noise.  Rocking the car from side to side while
> > driving doesn't change the noise (i.e. not wheel bearings).
> > After putting
> > the car and the lift and dragging the brakes while
> > accelerating, I became
> > pretty convinced the noise is from the tranny.  Is this a
> > pinion gear prob?
> > If so, is this fixable, or do I hunt down a junk tranny?  And
> > will an ur
> > S4/S6 tranny work?  Or waht about a 5000 tranny? The ECU is
> > IA 3+ with a RS2
> > turbo and EM, so the tranny probably had a little stress put on it.:)
> >
> > Thanks you responses,
> >
> > Charlie
> >
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