[200q20v] Re: Help! 200 20V No start!

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Aug 15 10:22:09 EDT 2000


Some of you will remember that my 200 20V died on me a few weeks ago.
Using the advice I got from this list, I dug around a bit, and was pretty
sure it was the distributor, but wasn't positive, so I ended up taking it
to my mechanic.

Left for a 10 motorcycle tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Returned last

Went to pick up the car yesterday.  It was the distributor.  They
installed a new one, and everything was good again.  New cap, rotor and
wires to boot.  Driving the car home, I noticed 3 things right away: 1)
Cruise was now not working. 2) Coolant light was now on.  3) Window washer
was not working.

Coolant leak was a loose hose clamp, easy fix.

Cruise:  On the way back from and back to the shop, I played with it  It
seemed like the cruise was working, just at a much lower level now.  Like
I could set it, but it would not hold the set speed, but would hold a
*much* lower speed.  And I could not use the set button to accelerate like
I used to be able to.

The shop looked at it today and said everything under the hood looks
good.  I need the car for tomorrow and this weekend, so I'm picking up the
car today, but wondering what might be going on with the cruise.  I *know*
it was working before all this because I use it all the time.

Window washer, I have no idea why this would have stopped working.  Blown
fuse? Is there a connector for the motor near the intake manifold that
might have been disconnected during the distributor replacement?

Thanks again to the collective wisdom of the list.

(BTW, if anyone is interested in my motorcycle trip, full report will be
at http://www.clarity.net/~paul/images/bike/rp2k/ shortly)
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