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Tue Aug 15 10:52:27 EDT 2000

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<< Follow-up:

Cruise:  On the way back from and back to the shop, I played with it  It
seemed like the cruise was working, just at a much lower level now.  Like
I could set it, but it would not hold the set speed, but would hold a
*much* lower speed.  And I could not use the set button to accelerate like
I used to be able to.

The shop looked at it today and said everything under the hood looks
good.  I need the car for tomorrow and this weekend, so I'm picking up the
car today, but wondering what might be going on with the cruise.  I *know*
it was working before all this because I use it all the time.
Could be a couple things; they messed around right next to the actuator for the cruise, so they might have introduced a vac leak...
could also be dirty or maladjusted switches on the gas and brake, but I think a vac leak is most likely.
check Huw Powell's site http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/
as he's got a good troubleshooting section for cruise control.
Window washer, I have no idea why this would have stopped working.  Blown
fuse? Is there a connector for the motor near the intake manifold that
might have been disconnected during the distributor replacement?
Do the wipers work?  Sounds like the pump isn't working; or the connection under the hood has popped loose at the jets... any washer fluid sprayed/dribbled around under the hood?  Pull the wires to the pump, and hook up a test light.

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