[200q20v] Potential new guy- what should I know?

David Schaible dschaible at penw.com
Tue Aug 15 11:21:26 EDT 2000

i have owned all of the vehicles you have mentioned in the last 10 years
and there is no comparison or question that the '91 200tqw is the best.  it
is larger, than the subs, faster, better handling, nicer in general.
actually the handling and power is more comparable to your talon, maybe not
quite as nimble (but it won't melt down on all fronts like my talon did).
i also consider the 91 200tqa to be much safer than the other vehicles you
mention (even w/o the passenger airbag).  i haven't done a real price
comparison but i believe it is more expensive to drive, i haven't had too
many problems w/ mine just routine maintenance stuff.....parts are a bit
much...... w/ the 200q20v list to consult and the websites, home
maintenance is feasible .....it's a nice feeling knowing you can drop 99%
of the vehicles on the road with your station wagon, even when they have 3
more cylinders than you


'91 200tqa
'83 urq

At 11:36 AM 8/14/00 -0600, Rob Deis wrote:
>Hey, all.  I currently own a 94 Turdo AWD Eagle Talon, which I love.
>However, my increasing family has need of a larger car, so I'm in the
>wagon market.  Thus far, to 200TQ and Subaru wagons seem to be the only
>AWD wagons I can locate in the under 15k price range.
>What should I know if I'm considering buying on of these?
>Specificly, I'm interested in these:
>* How big is the wagon?
>* How does it drive/perform?
>* How hard/expensive/often is maintainance required.
>I'd most likely do all the maintainance myself, but a guess at frequency
>and parts cost would be great.  What good points and gotchas should I be
>aware of while shopping?
>How do you like them in general? (Silly question to the quattro list..)
>Thanks a bunch, folks.
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