[200q20v] Busted temp sender, or gauge?

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Tue Aug 15 11:44:30 EDT 2000

Try disconnecting the whar from the sensor. Observe the gage with the sensor
whar open-circuit and then connected to ground. If the gage moves back and
forth from either extreme it is prolly OK and the fault is with the sensor.
Applying +12VDC might not be safe, it could damage the gage - don't know for
sure. You could also measure the resistance of the sensor at various
temeratures and see if it is linear WRT temp or open or shorted. Bentley
should give resistanve values for various temps or mebbe even a pretty
graph. Sensors fail more frequently than do meter movements (gages) but
these dashes are also know for weird problems.



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 << My coolant temp gauge has been all crazy for the last month or two.
 Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it's just dead (pegged at bottom). I
 of assumed this was the multi-function temp sender going bad. However, the
 fan still comes on at appropriate times. What tells the fan the engine is
 hot and needs to go on, if not the temp sender?

 Rob Winchell
 91 200Q

 There is a thermoswitch in the radiator that controls the fan speed.  See:
 The thermostat controls the temp in the head/engine while heating up, and
 the radiator system works correctly, thereafter.

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