[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] Re: Suspension Upgrades-coil overs

Erik Addy erik at aero.und.edu
Tue Aug 15 13:13:58 EDT 2000

>      29800:  220#/inch front, 310#/inch rear
>      29921:  300#/inch front, 330#/inch rear
> (data are from H&R, "working" rates at installed height--these are 
> progressive springs)

Interesting, H+R told me the 29800's were speced at 180f/270r.
That is one nice thing about C/O's: you know what you are putting
in.  H+R, eibach, apex, etc never seem to be to keen or accurate
on giving out info.

> I'm just not sure what to 
> ask for if I were to send them in for revalving.

I wonder if Bilstein or an aftermarket modifier like Shokteck would be
able to help here...

>  And it's a PITA to pull the fronts (one advantage to coil-overs)

Huh?  You are talking about a type 44 here, right?  Why not just take
em out from the top?


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