[200q20v] Arrrrgggghhhhh!

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Aug 15 15:01:31 EDT 2000

Just not my day.

So I go to pick up the 200 from the shop, when I get there, what do I
find?  The the passenger side rear side window has been busted out!  Crap!

Garbage bag and racers tape will have to do for now, running up to NHIS
tomorrow, so the earliest I can get the glass replaced is Thursday.

Anyway, on the way back, I played with the CC a bit more.  I think it has
to be a vacuum issue of some sort.  If I hold in the set button, I can get
the CC to come on eventually, after holding it for 30 or 60 seconds, the
pedal gets pulled away from my foot ever so slightly, but as soon as I
release the set button, the pedal comes right back.  Then, a few minutes
later, the CC came back all the way, holding the speed I had set earlier,
but if I canceled it (hit the clutch), it would not resume, but did later
(2-3 minutes).

I'm wondering if there is a leak somewhere, and eventually enough vacuum
is built up to hold a speed for a while?  Sound likely?

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