[200q20v] Soft brakes ... master cylinder?

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Tue Aug 15 13:24:47 EDT 2000

I had today what was probably the scariest experience I've ever had in a
car.  At 39, I should know better, but here I was chasing after this
beautiful ur-S4 on my way in to work. Traffic was stopped dead a bit
further down, and I hit the brakes well in time to slow down ... or so I
thought. The car slowed down just fine at first, but then it seemed like
I lost pressure and the car wasn't decelerating any more.  Luckily for
me, there was a shoulder on the left, and I was able to stop the car
after much frantic pumping.

My mechanic thinks it's the master cylinder.  Pedal pressure has been
inconsistent for a couple of months now, but I didn't realize how bad
things were.  Bomb is about a year and a half old (I think I'm getting
at least 15-20 pumps before the light comes on) and front pads are brand
new. I have the non-UFO G-60's. Hydraulic pump is less than a year old:
no leaks of any kind in the engine compartment. The only suspicious
thing is that the brake fluid level was well over the "MAX" mark.

Any ideas, folks?  Thanks!


Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-3526

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