[200q20v] Soft brakes ... master cylinder?

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Tue Aug 15 17:08:11 EDT 2000

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> My mechanic thinks it's the master cylinder.  Pedal pressure has been
>  inconsistent for a couple of months now, but I didn't realize how bad
>  things were.  Bomb is about a year and a half old (I think I'm getting
>  at least 15-20 pumps before the light comes on) and front pads are brand
>  new. I have the non-UFO G-60's. Hydraulic pump is less than a year old:
>  no leaks of any kind in the engine compartment. The only suspicious
>  thing is that the brake fluid level was well over the "MAX" mark.
>  Any ideas, folks?  Thanks!
>  -Arun

I bet its the master, though you might want to check all the brake lines just 
in case.  The symptoms you describe concur with my theory on what happened to 
me in my v8q, though the insurance co. couldn't confirm (car was officially 
totalled when brakes went out at a boulevard turnaround).  At least you had 
an out.  Get it replaced pronto!

'91 200q20v with a few mods...

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