[200q20v] Re:Washer bottle and pump.

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Tue Aug 15 19:41:19 EDT 2000

To Paul:     I recently did a lot of front end work on my
200TQ after venison hunting one night. After it was all
done, including new euros, we discovered that the washer
bottle had sprung a leak, and the pump was not running.
Fortuitously, when the parts arrived, it coincided with
having to romove the front bumper to fix a pressure leak in
the intercooler. I looked up under the car, had an attack of
intelligence, and dropped the bottle and pump out in no time

You have to have the bumper off to get the bottle out, (some
sheet metal needs undoing) but if you only need to replace
the pump, you can do it with the bumper on. Just drop the
air scoop, pull the small hood covering some obscure
miniature radiator, and the bottle is right there. If you
unbolt it, it will shift forward and the pump can be easily
replaced. When I got in there I discovered that the pump was
good, but the contacts in the plug had gone post-coital. It
sure beats tangling with the grille, the little plastic
breakaway trim fasteners, and the euros.
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