[200q20v] Soft brakes ... master cylinder?

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Wed Aug 16 02:48:52 EDT 2000

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> On another note:  do either/both of you bleed your own brakes?  Do you use 
> pressure bleeder, or do the old "pump and hold the pedal" technique using a 
> helper?  Did you bleed the brakes recently relative to the failure?

No, I had not replaced the pads or replaced the brake fluid recently (It had 
been at least 4-5 months...at that time usual pump method).  Now I use a 
pressure bleeder.

As for break in, I was always taught you should accelerate to about 30-40 mph 
and then brake firmly. Repeat 3-4 times.  This won't totally bed in the brake 
pads and rotors, but it's a good start:-).  

Incidentally, one shouldn't really have a problem with brake fade in 
panic-stop situations, simply because this is not a consistent heating-up 
situation (like at a track event).  Fade develops after a number of 
successive braking applications whereby the heat generated during braking is 
not dissipated quickly enough, causing boiling fluid and pad breakdown.  I 
(and many others) have experienced this first hand and otherwise at QC safety 

'91 200 with a few mods...

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