[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] Re: Suspension Upgrades-coil overs

Erik Addy erik at aero.und.edu
Wed Aug 16 02:10:28 EDT 2000

> H&R seem to have been more forthcoming than any of the other
> vendors.  The
> fact that they have a fitment specifically for the '91 200q 20v is a plus
> as well, even if I didn't go that route.

H+R was the nicest when I called as well.  Still strange that we got
#'s.  BTW, I use the 29800 in my 10v.

> haven't checked with them...as I see it, i'll need to know a
> whole bunch of
> measurements and specs that I don't have readily available, not
> to mention
> this is really trial and error.

Mabey.  However, for street use anyway, there really isn't one _right_
valving for a given spring, rather an acceptable range.  Perhaps if
we talked to them, we could settle on something like "10% softer jounce
up front, 15% more rebound in the back.

> that works with stock/OEM type strut inserts--you can use that "special"
> tool to remove the strut cap.  If you put in Bilsteins, there is a
> replacement cap to use (because the strut shaft is substantially larger
> than stock) for which the removal tool only works with the strut
> disassembled.

Well, all I can say is my pipe wrench has yet to be used on a pipe.
Sorry if the thought of marks on the cap offend any listers. :)


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