[200q20v] Correct distributor rotor?

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Thu Aug 17 16:54:12 EDT 2000

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<< Scott Mockry"s site  lists the correct distributor rotor PN 054 905 225 for
the 20vTQ but my local dealer says only the 052 905 225C is the current
listed replacement.  The dealer also was unaware that the rotor had to be
glued in place with Loctite and installed this PN without using this
procedure. The car stumbles under 2600 RPM and surges at constant speed. Am
ordering on oxygen sensor and ECU coolant temp sensor. What gives with the

Audi only specs a replacement _distributor_ for the 200q20v.  The new distributor will arrive with a smaller rotor (054 905 225) and a metal drive gear, plus new dist. cap.  The rotor they are trying to sell you has a wider tip, and is used on the non-motronic cars (virtually all previous model and normally aspirated cars, I believe).  They are looking at the wrong spot on the fiche, I'd say.

The dealer is wrong, and the bosch cross-reference book is wrong (it's also wrong about plug wires, btw; they send wires that won't fit the car, btdt).

The (wrong) wider dist rotor tip has been blamed for some cross-firing at high rpm modified motors, resulting in engine destruction (bent rods, etc.).

Call Rod at thepartsconnection.com and ask about the correct rotor; he's gotten them in the past from Germany.  Yes, stock rotor is glued in place, and must be re-glued after removal.

People have installed the (wrong) wider rotor, and used it for long periods without a problem... but if you mod the car, you run a big risk. The correct part is around $18? so it's not a huge expense.

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