[200q20v] Correct distributor rotor?

Gene Caldwell optic at halcyon.com
Fri Aug 18 00:26:45 EDT 2000

William Kessell wrote:
> Scott Mockry"s site  lists the correct distributor rotor PN 054 905 225 for
> the 20vTQ but my local dealer says only the 052 905 225C is the current
> listed replacement.  The dealer also was unaware that the rotor had to be
> glued in place with Loctite and installed this PN without using this
> procedure. The car stumbles under 2600 RPM and surges at constant speed. Am
> ordering on oxygen sensor and ECU coolant temp sensor. What gives with the
> rotor?

A local Audi nut recently told me that the original distributors (glued
on rotor & plastic gears) were intended to be completely replaced when
the rotor was worn enough to warrant replacement.  Apparently the rotor
& gear were expected (engineered?) to wear at the same rate.  


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