[200q20v] 'to glue or not to glue' distributor rotor? - plastic/steel gears?

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Fri Aug 18 11:41:33 EDT 2000

Also very true. As I will likely be the one to change the rotors again next
time I'd rather not deal with das glued-on rotor removal problems when the
time comes. With no glue you still need to pull pretty hard to get that
sucker off...

Anyone ever get the 'Final Answer' (apologies to Regis) to the question of
replacing the plastic gear with a steel gear prior to failure?


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It also has the distributior cap to hold it in place.



Very true; small spring-loaded contact centered on the rotor.  When I pulled
my (non audi) distributor cap off, the center post of the cap was mostly
worn away, and the center of the rotor was pretty burned up but still
The glue procedure is pretty simple, and documented in the bosch guidance...
as I recall, clean shaft, spray with a primer/cleaner, add some form of
loctite, put on the rotor, let dry.

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