[200q20v] Still learning the lingo

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Aug 18 14:46:13 EDT 2000

At 1:33 PM -0400 8/18/00, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated Fri, 18 Aug 2000  1:25:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> writes:
>However, you could also encounter "2Cq" (or 2CQ) and while that possibly
>means a pair of coupe quattros, it's more likely meant to designate a  "200
>quattro" model (e.g., 1Cq = "100 quattro" model)
>Phil Rose
> >>
>I've seen that 2CQ abrieviation before, here and various places on the
>web.  Not sure why you'd do that; 200q is only one digit larger than 2Cq,
>and more widely used.  Why abbreviate a 3 digit word to 2 digits?
I agree. And I never do it, but as I said, you could encounter it (e.g., in
Blaufergneugen's ads)

"Blaufergneugen", now there's something that needs some abbreviation
("Blau" I suppose...).

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