[200q20v] sticking caliper, boiling noises from 20vt head

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sat Aug 19 20:40:04 EDT 2000

Okay, two problems here:

a)my driver's side rear caliper is sticking.  Greg @ AutoFirme just 
recently diagnosed as bad cables, and replaced them and adjusted the 
rear proportioning valve.  He was obviously incorrect.  Driving from 
NY->MA last night, the car at times made a lot of vibration and 
noise, other times quiet.  The car is -obviously- braking from that 
wheel; I can feel the body/suspension doing funny things, and the 
wheel is hot as hell after just a few minutes driving.  Other times, 
the car will roll with a gentle push...there seems to be no pattern.

So, Greg suggested in a voicemail he left me this morning that it's a 
stuck caliper and they're "easily rebuilt."  Yhea, great.

So, what are some suggestions?  I can try removing the rotor and 
pushing+turning in the piston to free up whatever is causing the 
sticking...getting a rebuilt unit sunday is probably going to be 

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