[200q20v] speaker grill

steve_scalmanini at agilent.com steve_scalmanini at agilent.com
Mon Aug 21 11:34:35 EDT 2000

Passenger side door speaker grille is 441 035 406 A. 
Color codes: V7A graphite; 3WK travertine (beige); 
5JM nautic; 7CX platinum. 

Dashboard speaker grilles are listed for 91 200Q 
as "no longer available" (illus. 132-07 pos. 41 & 42). 
For V8 they're listed "see accessories", but I couldn't 
find 'em there.  Try a wrecker. Have them CAREFULLY pry 
out the rear (toward the seat, not the windshield) edge 
of the grille adjacent to the left and right corners.  
When the edge is free, lift it up and rearward to free 
the tabs on the front edge.  

Just in case, the dashboard left and right defroster 
air vents (that the speaker grille's press into) are 
still available: 441 819 793 & 794.  

Good luck, 


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steve_scalmanini at agilent.com wrote:
> Try 441 035 405 A in color code 3WK: travertine (beige);
> "loudspeaker grille; left front".
> It's on the V8 family album illustration 355-00 in the
> main group "accessories" (w/ no adjacent drawing.  On
> the 200 main group there IS a drawing of the grille,
> also in the accessory main group, but NO P/N! Go figure!!)
> Steve

How would that number change if I needed the passenger side door grill?
Would you also have a reference for the passenger side dash speaker

I had a similar "don't show it.." experience at the dealer.


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