[200q20v] more rear caliper fun

Brett Dikeman brett at iclick.com
Mon Aug 21 19:48:43 EDT 2000

oh boy, here we go.

So, caliper is off the car, in pieces.  Piston is completely out; 
rust is visible in spots here and there.  Fixing that...no prob.

Now, moving along...the ebrake lever is partially removed.  I say 
partially because it has only come out of the caliper by about a 
quart to half inch tops.  I can turn it by hand, getting a ker-ping 
one way, ker-ping the other.  If I pop the lever back into the 
caliper, i get a little "psssssssssssss" noise; air is hissing out of 

My main problem is that I can't seem to get the piston back in.  It 
simply refuses to budge, seems to be hanging on the inner seal.  I 
suppose I can force it in by using a C-clamp, but I'd rather not 
unless necessary.  Among other things, I have no idea how I'm going 
to thread it onto the e-brake screw shaft in the center of the 
cylinder, given that it is impossible to turn the piston without the 
tool, which I don't have.


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