[200q20v] more rear caliper fun

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Put a C clamp on it and apply pressure using one of your old (or new) brake
pads. This will distrubute the force evenly. I then use a large pair of
channel locks and turn the piston into the caliper. Once you get it in a
little, tighten the clamp back up, turn the piston, and so on....

This has worked for my rear brake jobs and got the piston back in when it
seemed it wouldn't go. Sometimes I put pressure on the c clamp and let it
sit for five minutes before I turn the piston. Seems necessary when doing a
brake job.


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>oh boy, here we go.
>So, caliper is off the car, in pieces.  Piston is completely out;
>rust is visible in spots here and there.  Fixing that...no prob.
>Now, moving along...the ebrake lever is partially removed.  I say
>partially because it has only come out of the caliper by about a
>quart to half inch tops.  I can turn it by hand, getting a ker-ping
>one way, ker-ping the other.  If I pop the lever back into the
>caliper, i get a little "psssssssssssss" noise; air is hissing out of
>My main problem is that I can't seem to get the piston back in.  It
>simply refuses to budge, seems to be hanging on the inner seal.  I
>suppose I can force it in by using a C-clamp, but I'd rather not
>unless necessary.  Among other things, I have no idea how I'm going
>to thread it onto the e-brake screw shaft in the center of the
>cylinder, given that it is impossible to turn the piston without the
>tool, which I don't have.
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