[200q20v] at least I cleaned out the sunflower seeds

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Mon Aug 21 22:00:21 EDT 2000


I appreciate the complement but am afraid I could never live
up to it.  I recall that this was not an easy thing to do and I did
spend some time at it.  

I put on a leather glove and used the same notches that the tool
fits into.  I worked it back and forth and then succeeded in twisting
it past the release point and had to twist it clockwise again to finally
remove it.  Mine may have been looser than yours or yours may be
a bit different than mine, somehow making it harder to release.

Did you get a look at it?  Is it anything like your new pump?


On Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:48:53 -0400 Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net>
> Dave Lawson had posted that replacement of the "updated" fuel pump
> is characteristic of my '91 20V turbo) will definitely require Audi's
> tool; Fred Munro also said  the 3214 tool was a necessity. But would I
> listen? Oh Noooooo. I just had to replace my _very_ noisy pump, and we
> don't need no stinkin' tool, right?
> So in (to the trunk) I plunged, removed the tank-access cover,  the
> electrical connector, and all hoses;  pulled out the gauge sender
> unit). Then I spent a most frustrating hour peering into the tank and
> alternately twisting and cursing. All to absolutely no avail. At least
> fuel level was very low so I avoided the discomfort of high-octane
> immersion.
> I know that Ed Kellock recently replaced the pump on his '91 V8 and
> to do without the "tool". If his pump was anything like mine, I don't
> arm-wrestle with Ed!
> Anyway, I concluded there was no way I'd be able to release that pump
> housing without the aid of the 3214 tool. I just sewed my patient up
> decided to have gin & tonic while considering possible options.
> Does any lister have a 3214 tool to lend me? Does Zalenda sell it?
> Oh, the sunflower seeds--I found a big pile of shells lying on top of
> sender, where it seems some critters had found access.
> Phil Rose                                Rochester, NY
> '91 
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