[200q20v] at least I cleaned out the sunflower seeds

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Aug 22 11:16:29 EDT 2000

I recall you mentioned using a leather glove, and so I did that, too--as it
did keep my hand from being gouged by the plastic edges of the pump
housing. I tried grasping those notches--even tried fitting a screwdriver
shaft in there to try levering across a pair of the notches, but I worried
about breaking the thin plastic.

As to the (old) pump: it seemed to be the larger-diameter (73 mm?) pump,
and it differs from the 43mm replacement pump in that it (old one) has a
silencer and banjo-bolt at the outlet. The electical connections are made
to screw posts (with nuts). Sounds different from the one you described--in
your V8.

BTW, when I saw the sunflower seeds I recalled that the pump noise seemed
to increase  not long after I discovered other obvious signs of rodent
infestation (e.g., piles of torn insulation) in my trunk. I wonder: could
much of the noise be caused if the critters have removed  some
sound-deadening insulation that ought to be lying on top of the fuel tank?


At 11:00 PM -0400 8/21/00, ekellock at juno.com wrote:
>I appreciate the complement but am afraid I could never live
>up to it.  I recall that this was not an easy thing to do and I did
>spend some time at it.
>I put on a leather glove and used the same notches that the tool
>fits into.  I worked it back and forth and then succeeded in twisting
>it past the release point and had to twist it clockwise again to finally
>remove it.  Mine may have been looser than yours or yours may be
>a bit different than mine, somehow making it harder to release.
>Did you get a look at it?  Is it anything like your new pump?
>On Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:48:53 -0400 Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net>
>> Dave Lawson had posted that replacement of the "updated" fuel pump
>> is characteristic of my '91 20V turbo) will definitely require Audi's
>> tool; Fred Munro also said  the 3214 tool was a necessity. But would I
>> listen? Oh Noooooo. I just had to replace my _very_ noisy pump, and we
>> don't need no stinkin' tool, right?
>> So in (to the trunk) I plunged, removed the tank-access cover,  the
>> electrical connector, and all hoses;  pulled out the gauge sender
>> unit). Then I spent a most frustrating hour peering into the tank and
>> alternately twisting and cursing. All to absolutely no avail. At least
>> fuel level was very low so I avoided the discomfort of high-octane
>> immersion.
>> I know that Ed Kellock recently replaced the pump on his '91 V8 and
>> to do without the "tool". If his pump was anything like mine, I don't
>> arm-wrestle with Ed!
>> Anyway, I concluded there was no way I'd be able to release that pump
>> housing without the aid of the 3214 tool. I just sewed my patient up
>> decided to have gin & tonic while considering possible options.
>> Does any lister have a 3214 tool to lend me? Does Zalenda sell it?
>> Oh, the sunflower seeds--I found a big pile of shells lying on top of
>> sender, where it seems some critters had found access.
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