[200q20v] Trunk Roderts/at least I cleaned out the sunflower seeds

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Aug 22 12:30:44 EDT 2000

Did rodents get into the trunk?   Isn't the sheetmetal cover over the top 
of the fuel tank screwed down?  I've only been into my 5K trunks, but, on 
them, while the mice could get to the top of the tank, I suppose, they 
couldn't get into the trunk itself as long as the cover was in place.

At 10:16 AM 08/22/2000 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:

>BTW, when I saw the sunflower seeds I recalled that the pump noise seemed
>to increase  not long after I discovered other obvious signs of rodent
>infestation (e.g., piles of torn insulation) in my trunk. I wonder: could
>much of the noise be caused if the critters have removed  some
>sound-deadening insulation that ought to be lying on top of the fuel tank?

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