[200q20v] Wiper Arms (was S727 Suspension)

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See attachment below re: wiper arms. 
' can't imagine the wagon's are different from the sedan. 

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Also, any ideas where to get some new wiper arms, front and rear, for a

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That reminds me, the reason the wiper arm (right) runs into the 
back of the hood is because it's worn out.  That first 4-5 inches 
of wiper arm, that attaches to the splined shaft, is made of some 
cheap cast pot metal that bends over the years. Last year I noticed 
the back of the hood, when opening, ran into the first joint of the 
right wiper arm, so I replaced it in January and, voila, it doesn't 
even come close now.  

Coincidentally, since Carlsen first sent me the wrong replacement 
(left instead of right), I replaced the driver side first, and 
noticed the difference the first time I used the windshield washer. 
The spray on the driver side hit the window during the entire stroke, 
instead of hitting the air deflector for the first several inches of 
stroke.  The deflector, attached to the longer section of the arm, 
had been sitting up too far off the glass due to the fatigue of the 
shorter section of the left arm.  

I actually measured the difference before and after.  That first 
joint in each arm moved 9/16" down closer to the windshield after 
replacement.  That's a lot of bend for a metal part under long, low 
level stress.  Before replacement, the distance from the top of each 
arm at that first joint to the windshield, was 1 5/8 and 1 7/8 for 
the left and right, respectively; after replacement, 1 1/16 and 1 5/16. 

Replacing both arms was ~ $100.00 I think.  I'm a nut for giving the 
car what it needs so that was a reasonable price keep the car in shape 
(and preventing a nick and eventual rust spot on the hood). 

I learned about the problem from my brother-in-law who had one of 
those short arms on his 92 100 actually break. 


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