[200q20v] Engine won't rev up smoothly

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Wed Aug 23 18:14:17 EDT 2000

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> Symptoms:
>  - car stalls at low speed w/ ac on during turn
>  - while accelerating in the higher rev range, engine does not continue
>  to climb smoothly, but has small dips in rpms as it climbs.
>  - already replaced knock sensor #2 (code said it was bad) and replaced
>  bypass valve w/ #108 as per suggestion.
>  Any ideas.
>  Thanks,
>  Max

I usually start off by saying...  "any stored trouble codes", then ask "did 
you look at scott mockry's ABCs of High Boost for the 20v engine?"

These may be two separate issues.  Stalls only with AC on and during turns?  
Do you get full boost?

Check that your plugs are properly torqued down (you are using the correct 
plugs?); check for vac/pressure leaks in hoses (michelin man hose, lower 
hose, and look for oil leaks from intercooler); check the crankcase breather 
hose; check the vac hose to the wastegate frequency valve and to the turbo 
bypass valve.
Check resistance/condition of the spark plug wires.
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller at aol.com

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