[200q20v] how to build an intake pressure tester(20vt)

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Aug 27 04:32:11 EDT 2000

In a burst of inventiveness, I measured the diameter of the intake 
hose on my 200q20v(other cars with maf sensors probably use the same 
diameter.)  I then when rummaging through the kitchen drawer  with my 
ruler and discovered to my great joy that a common household item 
fits this hose -perfectly-.

It is a rubbermaid 1-cup "servin saver" container.  I had originally 
thought the top of the container would fit, but it was too wide and 
wouldn't fit; I flipped it around and discovered the base of the 
container is -perfect-; it's even beveled to make fitting it a 
breeze.  Pop it on, tighten the clamp, you're done.

To make your very own intake system tester, just install a compressor 
nipple in a container you went and PURCHASED rather than stealing 
from the kitchen(whereas I can escape my mother's wrath by fleeing 
back to NY, I suspect those married individuals on the list do not 
have such a luxury :-)  I think I've also heard of people installing 
tire stem valves(for trucks tires, I think.)

And, as I believe Chris Miller pointed out on the 200 list, be sure 
you don't do anything foolish like pressurize the system above the 
limits of the ECU's pressure sensor; 2 bar in the case of a stock 
200q20v ecu, 2.5 bar in most modified units.  Now, just pressurize 
the intake system with a compressor(if you have a setup with a tank, 
that will probably make listening for leaks easier; one good reason 
to go this route and not do a tire stem.)  You may want to purchase a 
very cheap low-range pressure gauge(boost gauge from parts-r-us or 
something), drill a hole in the side of the container, and 
install...so that you can make sure you don't exceed a safe pressure, 
and you can watch to see how fast the pressure drops.

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