[200q20v] engine compartment metal cleaning- found something!

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Aug 27 04:32:15 EDT 2000

Second item of note is that I've been detailing the car and I was in 
the middle of removing the ISV to repair(posted about that earlier) 
and I happened to glance at the corroded/dirty cam cover and intake 
manifold, then to my collection of cleaning materials...and I spied 
the can of Eagle One "NEVR-DULL" wadding polish.  My mind clicks back 
to when Phil complained about how ugly -his- engine parts looked.

So, I whipped out a bit, and rubbed away on a small spot of the 
aluminium cam cover.

Guess what?  Worked like a charm!  It appears that the wadding didn't 
destroy the textured look of the surface, and it didn't polish the 
aluminium to a absurd extent(I've discovered that it does a great job 
of preserving the way the surface it's used on was -supposed- to 
work; for example, I tried it on a hose clamp and I was rewarded with 
a mirror shine; I rubbed away on the aluminium bracket above the 
throttle plate that secures the bump-stop for the throttle cam, and 
it looked "new", not polished.

The wadding has some sort of protectant in it, so it should keep the 
aluminium from corroding/oxidizing again.  I'll keep an eye on the 
spot and see if it stands up to time, the elements, and temperature...
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