[200q20v] how to build an intake pressure tester(20vt)

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Aug 27 21:48:33 EDT 2000

At 5:32 PM -0600 8/27/00, Mike Miller wrote:
>Yours sounds pretty simple.
>Here's pics of the one I built a few years ago.

Ah, the "cap" approach rather than the plug approach.  Hmm.  No 
problems with it popping off?  I was practically describing your 
device(ie, truck tire inflator and the like), I've seen the photos 

>mike miller
>boosting it in montana and VERY thankful for the motorist that flashed his
>lights at me yesterday as I was rounding a curve in the tripple digits with
>a REO sitting around the corner.

A distant relative was pulled over once by the local, pulling one of 
those "I can't shoot any robbers 'cause nothing happens out here, so 
I'm gonna be real vicious with the speeding tickets" deals.

   She wasn't pulled over for speeding; rather, she saw the cop, and, 
apparently lacking in a little bit in timing, flashed her high beams 
within plain view of the policeman(ie, before she passed him.)

He took off after her, pulled her over. Now, she's the grandmotherly 
type that is impossible to fluster, sharp wits, and icky-sweet 
mannerism.  He strides up to the car, asks for d&r slightly flustered 
at her:

"But why, officer?"

"Because, Maam, you flashed your highbeams.  Why did you do 
that?"(the "sneaky" cop who knows exactly what the answer is, but 
just -really- wants to hear what you're going to say, and thinks he's 
really clever* :-)

"Well, I saw you sitting there and wanted to warn drivers coming in 
the other direction."
(tells it exactly like it is, gotta love it)

(a little flustered by her upfronted-ness): "Well MAAM, I'm out here 
because we're trying to get people to slow down!"

(bbbzzzt, wrong answer!  Grandma has a radar lock, moving in for the kill.)

Her immediate response: "Well, OFFICER, --so-- am I!"

He got even more flustered, politely asked her not to do it again, 
and went back to the speed trap :-)

Recounted by her husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat, 
minding his own business and watching the whole thing with great 

Amazing how even the toughest local constable turns into a big fool 
when he gets on the wrong side of a -very- experienced grandmother(5 
children, a dozen grandkids :-)

*one thing I love seeing in the footage of the UK cops finding people 
doing really dumb things...they don't beat around the bush.  They 
don't play mind games with all this "do you know why I pulled you 
over" bull and mindgames like above.  No sir!  They pull the guy 
over, and yell at the him, point blank.  "You sod!  Whaddrya tryin' 
to do, kill somebody?!?  Give me yer license!" I saw once clip where 
the police didn't even get out of the car or stop the guy, they just 
yelled at him :-)  I had a similar experience in CT where I was being 
tailgated(doing the speed limit) by what was obviously a CT trooper 
in an umarked car(greyish Expedition, second "radio" antenna, 
bullbars, tinted windows, etc.)  So, I pulled over, acting lost, and 
let him continue.  Gave him a good 2-3 minutes, then got on the road 
again.  Well, apparently, he took exactly the same route I did.  I 
come around a corner, 10 minutes later, and he's right there, going 
the same direction.  He slows -way- down and gives me a brief flash 
of all his various flashing devices for a second, then speeds up 
again.  Perfectly communicated: "watch it, bub, I was going over the 
speed limit, you pulled over for a few minutes, so how come you 
caught up to me, eh?"
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