[200q20v] toasty relays

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Mon Aug 28 02:10:37 EDT 2000

While diagnosing a minor problem I was having(turned out to be a 
loose clamp I left from the day's poking+prodding), I shorted the top 
of the FP relay.

Two observations:
a)the relay was -very- hot, almost too hot to hold.  This was after a 
40 minute drive.  Everything else in the box seemed cool to the touch.

b)shorting out the top of the relay failed to initiate the code dump 
procedure(I have a bulb installed in the check-engine light spot; I 
have successfully used this before to get codes.)  i know there was a 
code stored because the light came on while driving(and the car was 
running like garbage because of the loose clamp.)

I seem to remember that when the relay is hot, this is a sign of bad 
solder joints inside and indicates impending failure.  I'm in the 
middle of trying to pop it open now.

Yes/No, more to the story?
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