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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Aug 28 11:37:36 EDT 2000

At 9:55 AM -0400 8/28/00, Rob Winchell wrote:
>OK, this has no 200q20v content. Sorry.
>Anyway, I passed a TT coupe on the highway last night and noticed the dash
>lighting is blue/white, and not red. What's up with that? Is this the only
>Audi produced without the red  dash lighting?
>Rob Winchell
>91 200Q (quiet...too quiet)
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OK, this has no TT content, but Rob's "quiet....too quiet" tag got me
thinking about a little noise problem.

Now that my fuel pump is absolutely undetectable (audibly, that is) I've
been able to focus on other noises. The noise "du jour" comes from just
behind the front grill, and it is most noticeable while idling right after
a cold start. The sound is a "chirp-chirp-chirp"--about 2/second at engine
idle. I've assumed it's probably a drive-belt. The timing belt & w-pump
were replaced about 3 yrs and 30K ago. The sound is definitely _not_
"lifter-ticking". The chirps tend to go away after some moderate amount of

What can be sprayed on the belts or pulleys to help diagnose, or eliminate
the noise (without causing long-term slippage, etc)? What kind of noise is
typical of a water pump bearing--wouldn't that cause a more steady sound?


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