[200q20v] re: high speed travel

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Mon Aug 28 21:54:34 EDT 2000

Late last night had to run into the office for a bit; got on to the highway 
at around 80, behind someone in the slow lane going a bit slower.  Saw some 
HID lights coming up on the left, so I waited a bit, and had a new S4tt 
cruise by.  Pulled out to pass, and smelled the S4 hitting it, so thought I'd 
follow.  Easily kept up with him to mid crazy speeds, apparently pissing him 
off.  Couple slow downs with traffic, then repeats (keeping a conservative 
following distance).  Finally mr. S4 decided to lose me by being a jerk and 
cutting through traffic, so I let him go (he only got a couple car lengths 
ahead as traffic built up; so my polite passing didn't cost me time).

Nice to see a chipped 200q20v holding it's own.  I expect if the S4 was 
chipped he'd a blown me away; 'course, for a couple grand I could escalate 
the HP wars as well.

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