[200q20v] WGlen informal report-long

Copley One copley at snet.net
Wed Aug 30 10:51:17 EDT 2000

got back from the Glen last night. Excellent event.

Day 1 started out so foggy that many of us couldn't FIND the track, you
just had to be there to experience the pea soup. Earliest runs were 1:30
pm. Great day after that, nice long run sessions. I was in the red
group, many real  S-cars, many new S4's, several over-modifed new S4's,
several TT's, a few ur-Q's, and a handful of p-cars.  One new addition
since last month was a series of little bumps or imperfections 3/4 of
the way through the esses, which was a little unsettling the first time.
Day 2 was beautiful , partly sunny and fairly cool.  Day 2 faster by 20%
for everyone.
My car ran well, stock brakes squishier every run group. Bira brakes
going on before the next event.  I found that the rev limiter in 4th was
right at 121 mph indicated. Also it's clearly time for one last set of
RE71's or maybe kumhos.

Very few incidents as usual, couple of grass or dirt trips but that's
it.... except for one kid (license plate "http"...)  in a new TT who
somehow ended up in the red group. Came into Turn 1 ( a difficult turn
in my book) very hot, went in too deep, then snapped all the way back to
the right and then back into the tire barrier. nose and left front
destroyed, big dents and scuffs along the side and back. driver ok
except for pride. Blamed the brakes. Clearly a lack of experience and
respect for speed. THEN to make matters worse, the same kid yesterday
backed his newly "modified" TT right into a new A4, pushing the
passenger door in a few inches. The  brakes again??? ...

All in all, a satisfying event at a great track. Hours of camaraderie,
talking mods, Macgyvering repairs. Watching the black group go by...
Royal's screaming tires, 007 picking off cars a bunch at a time,
listening to the p-cars on the front straight...      Paul K (1995.5 S6)

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